About Us

About Us

SAVVY IT SOLUTIONS was established in the year 2015.  Since its inception, it has been standing high in its reputation.  Besides, we were awarded one of the Finalists for best upcoming Entrepreneur award 2014 by ICTACT, Tamil Nadu. SAVVY IT SOLUTIONS is a member in Microsoft Biz Spark. Our startup also recognised by NASSCOM 10000 Startup program and Startup India. Our startup also recognised one of the hottest 100 tech starts by EXHIBIT, Mumbai, India.

As a part of our arena, we have come up with 2 products:

  1. Student Corner
  2. DoctorServ.co.in

Team Members:

Our team is strong in developing Product development, Web Designing & Development, Mobile Development (Android and iOS) Hybrid App’s, Penetration Testing & Auditing, Cyber Security and Software testing. We are the best in developing secure coding.

India strongly transforms into Digital INDIA, so that lot of complexities in security issues, to overcome this problem, we need to generate and educate CYBER SECURITY PROFESSIONAL. In future we witness lot of job opportunities in cyber security.  

Our team also started learning Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) and Internet of Things(IoT).

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